Saturday, November 8, 2014

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Hi David I am Fozzer (Matt) I sent you that email I am reading up on Urea again for it other uses. I want to find out if it helps with Diabetes because i have been diagnosed with it. I also could say now in hindsight that some of my episodes of dizziness could have been blood sugar relation but i wasn't even pre diabetic then.. I don't get the dizzies as much now and my hearing is ok but not what it used to be. I think i may be in another kind of remission again..

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Latest comment my life and meniere's disease October 24

The short story. Diagnosed with Menieres disease July 2014. It's been coming on since 2011. Started with Rapid hearing loss over the course of a few days (left ear), tinnitus, then fluctuating hearing since then. Now have severe to moderate loss in left ear. Had some slight dizzy spells, but nothing I could not deal with and were all very short. Then in July 2014...BAM, my first vertigo spell (full blown - spinning nausea vomiting, the whole nine yards), several per day.
Fast forward to now. After searching long for a Dr. that, one take my insurance and two, does more than just cleans ears I found someone (300 mile round trip) that is helping me.
My current treatment is/has been
- Intratympanic Steroid injections. Twice a week for 1 month
- Four high-dose prednisone bursts. Two weeks in between bursts
- 20mg 3X day for 7 days
- 20mg 2X day for 2 days
- 20mg 1X day for 2 days
- Vallium, at the start of a vertigo spell, 2mg, then 2mg more if needed.
- Meclizine 20mg as needed for nausea
- Triamterine/HCTZ 10mg/25mg

Results: 2 VERY SLIGHT, VERY MANAGEABLE, VERY SHORT vertigo episodes in the last month. Hearing is still fluctuates. I've gotten use to the tinnitus (although, there are days when it is VERY ANNOYING. Gotten use the hearing loss.

My Goals: No vertigo (or very few vertigo spells is more realistic) save what hearing I have left. I would love to get a hearing aid, but my insurance will not cover that.


Monday, October 20, 2014

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From Peggy...

So, here I am in CT about a year-and-a-half later, and now I'm dealing with the stress of having just lost my Mom. She passed away on Oct. 11, and we've just come out the other side of all the travel and funeral arrangements. Now my brother and I need to deal with probate and fixing/selling her house. None of that even takes into account the fact that I'm heartbroken at the loss.

I have come SO close to a full vertigo attack several times lately that I'm terrified I might actually go bilateral as a result of all this stress. Plus, I am fighting a case of bronchitis, with congestion going into my ears.

*sigh* There's just no end to stressors, so what the hell do people DO about this???

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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I was just diagnosed with Meniere's Disease after months of suffering, My work does not understand. I have fallen a few times almost hit a few cars and now told I should not drive. I feel lost. Anyone else?

from Elizabeth Mihalo

Friday, September 12, 2014

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latest comment from Dian...

I had the labyrinthectomy done in November, 2013. I suffered for years with intense bouts of vertigo and vomiting which required many trips to the ER. After several years of this, I sought the help of a neurologist who recommended the laby surgery.

I have the same symptoms as everyone else above. I have the wonky head, loss of balance and fatigue. The tinnitus is much improved but I was told since tinnitus is in the brain it will never go away completely.

I walk with a cane when I am outside (to prevent falls) and also when I go out into crowded areas (letting people know my balance is impaired).

I am 9 months post-laby and am able to do everything I could do before surgery, but not for as long a period of time. My activity level daily is about 4-5 hours. Then I become exhausted and lose my balance. Rest is very important to this recovery process.

I am 68 years old. I am pleased so far with my recovery process and I understand that it will take me longer due to my age.

I can now shop for groceries on my own, bring them home and put them away. After a brief rest, I can then prepare a meal. That is much more than I could do six months ago! So progress is still happening for me. Just be encouraged. Recovery takes time - if I can do it at age 68, you younger folks can do it even better and maybe more quickly. Keep pushing forward. I'm thankful for the surgery because the vertigo is over! No more worries about attacks out in public!  

Friday, August 29, 2014

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2 comment from Karen

Hi Peggy I have been diagnosed with Menieres, GERD / Silent reflux and asthma. I am a holistic therapist and have managed to stay off the inhalers by using holistic remedies and changing to a vegan low salt diet. I use SERC Betahistine here in the UK and find it does help but I was giving a prescription for a different make of Betahistine and it made me feel ill, diarrhoea and wheezy ...and didn't work well for the symptoms at all I didn't finish the pack ...too scared the asthma aspect would be triggered off again. As soon as I went back to the other SERC Betahistine, I had no problem so the doctor has made a note to only prescribe that brand.
Hi I read your comment and thought maybe I should mention this. I have had the full spectrum of Menieres symptoms on a daily basis with my walking style varying from day to day ...either managing to sway or needing a walking stick. I was given Betahistine SERC from the Dr (I'm in the UK) and although it takes at least an hour to have an effect then only a couple of hours reduced symptoms, I am finding that by taking an extra dose 16mg x 4 instead of 3, my systems have lessened and my walking is better though still not able to walk in a straight line. When I got my prescription of Betahistine from a different doctor, it was a different company and I felt bad from the first pill and only got relief when I took 2 pills at a time instead of one. I got intense headaches and napped for longer as symptoms were wearing me out so now my doctor makes sure that I get the Serc Betahistine from the same company ....I have heard from other people on different medications that different batches can make a difference

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Latest comment August 20 My life and meniere's disease

Hi David and others,
I was diagnosed with md about 18 months ago after experiencing two severe attacks that I originally thought were the result of something I picked up during disaster recovery work in the tropics. Fortunately my GP asked the right questions and ordered the right tests to make a diagnosis which was later confirmed by an ENT specialist. Since diagnosis I've had several severe attacks interspersed with less severe minor attacks. This year I had a severe attack in April and another severe attack yesterday both of which resulted in an emergency ambulance trip from my workplace to the local hospital with intravenous medication allowing me to be discharged after approx. 4 hours.
Unfortunately my symptoms of hearing loss, hearing fluctuations and tinnitus are impacting on my work, but I believe from all I've read that all we can do is hang in there and manage as best we can.
Thanks for the chance to comment.