Monday, March 16, 2009

Meniere's disease and tinnitus

Many Meniere’s disease patients also have tinnitus. Tinnitus is where there is a constant ringing or roaring sound in the ear. The sound has also been described as a whistling or buzzing or humming noise. The noise could last for seconds, minutes or it may last forever. It is very annoying and can cause extreme emotional distress. The sound can be especially troublesome when the tinnitus sufferer is trying to hear someone speak. The tinnitus blends in with what ever sound the ear is trying to receive, making it very difficult to distinguish the tinnitus from any other sound.

There are things that the tinnitus patient can do to help ease the discomfort of tinnitus.
  • avoid loud music or lous noise
  • when receiving new medication ask you doctor how it will affect your tinnitus
  • in some cases it has been found that tobacco and alchohol make the tinnitus worse
  • controlling stress might also help with tinnitus
  • find a doctor who specializes in the treatment of tinnitus

As always educate yourself on all aspects of tinnitus and don’t give up.


  1. I see this to be an old post...but has anyone tried TRT? Success?
    If so, please post. Please direct me if I have missed a blog somewhere.

    Appears to be quite expensive for no certainty that it will help at all...

  2. I have not tried TRT (I assume that is tinnitus retraining therapy?) but am very curious about it. And I have not seen anything about it on this blog either.