Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things to avoid if you have Meniere’s disease

Here are some of the things that should be avoided if you have MM. Even if you didn't have meniere's disease it would still be beneficial to avoid them.
  • The first thing that any ENT will tell you to avoid is salt. In a previous post I went through the reasons of a low sodium diet. Of course there isn’t total agreement that lowering your salt intake will help your Meniere’s disease. In my case it didn’t. Usually the lower salt intake will be combined with a diuretic.
  • Another no-no is caffeine. Since caffeine is a stimulant it may make your meniere’s worse. The volume of tinnitus can increase due to caffeine. Also it can cause migraines which are common among Meniere’s patients. Chocolate can be put in this category too.
  • I am not sure why but alcohol should be limited also.
  • The nicotine in cigarettes restricts the blood vessels which decreases the blood supply to the inner ear making your symptoms worse.
  • MSG in Chinese food is connected with fluid retention which isn’t what any MM patient needs.
  • And remember when ever a doctor who isn’t you Meniere’s doctor prescribes a medication ask them if the new drug will have an adverse effect on the MM.


  1. I KNOW I have this.. last year was my first episode and it was HORRIBLE! My husband just thought I was "ok" so he didn't take me to the hospital. 7 hours later the symptoms THAT TIME went away. Now this week, AGAIN, same thing out of nowhere, but I had drank so wine the night before and I feel alcohol has a HUGE effect on Meniere's. I don't know what to do, but I have contacted a local ENT to seek out options because my brother also has this.. apparently it is hereditary! How have you treated yours?

    1. Anonymous, take a little time and read through some of the threads on this blog. There is a ton of useful information about remedies people have tried.

      You are definitely on the right track in opting to see an ENT. That's the place to start. I hope you do well going forward, and hope the entries on this blog give you the information you are seeking.

  2. I have had Meniere's for 11 years - just posted under Valium and Meniere's thread, maybe you will find some of my info helpful. Best of luck!