Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Caloric test and Meniere’s disease

One of the tests to determine dizziness and balance problems is the Caloric stimulation test. Warm and cold water are put in the ear to determine if there are problems with your hearing or your balance. Your eyes are covered with patches that are connected to a computer that records all your eye movement.

When the cold water is put in your ear, your eyes should move rapidly side to side, this is called nystagmus. When the warm water is put in your ear, the eye movement should be just the opposite.

Your ears are tested one at a time. The test may cause some vertigo. The risks are minimal. If your eardrums are perforated, water can get in to the inner ear and cause infection.

Besides testing for vertigo, this test is also used to test for certain types of anemia.

Your Doctor will give you a list of things that you shouldn’t take before the test, such as caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants.

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