Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tai chi and Meniere’s disease

I’ve never tried Tai chi and frankly I didn’t know anything about it till I googled it. Most people know that it is a form of internal Chinese Martial arts that is suppose to improve your health. I guess you don’t break any boards while doing it. Anyway one of the big benefits from Tai Chi is helping with your balance and that is how it ties in to Meniere’s disease.

If you live in the larger cities you might see people practicing their Tai chi in the parks. They move with slow flowing grace as one position turns in to another. It looks very relaxing and I imagine it is. It combines meditation with exercise. Its popularity has risen so much that you can find classes forming almost anywhere.

As for it helping with Meniere’s disease, I think (my opinion, I’m not a doctor) it would be two fold. One Meniere’s patients are extremely stressed; I know I don’t have to tell you that. If you could find something that helps relieve that stress then by all means do it.

There is also the question of balance. In previous posts I have discussed VRT and how it has helped me. If Tai chi, with its smooth and steady movements, can help your balance then you might just want to look into it. (Of course if your balance is really bad, then discuss this with your doctor and see how they feel about Tai chi)

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