Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Famous sufferers of Meniere’s Disease

Alan Shepard, the first astronaut in space, had meniere’s disease. He was treated with surgery and was able to continue as an astronaut.

Vincent Van Gogh was reported to have meniere’s disease. I have also read that he didn’t have it, but who knows since he died in the 18th century.

The great author Jonathan Swift.

Emily Dickinson was also reported to have meniere’s disease.

Ryan Adams and Kristen Chenoweth are 2 living performers who have meniere’s disease.


  1. Apparently Charles Darwin may have also been a sufferer. I found this out when I went to an exhibition about his work (150th anniversary this year) and there was some mention of his symptoms and the suggestion that he had attacks related to stress and changes in his routine.

  2. What about Beethoven?