Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update on high blood pressure and Meniere’s disease

Recently I had written about the connection between high blood pressure and meniere’s disease. And I have also posted about not feeling well the past month or so. I thought that the meniere’s was coming back on me after a relatively peaceful remission period. Well I think I found out what happened.

I had all the symptoms of an attack coming on, light-headedness, slight dizziness but not the vertigo that I usually get. I decided to go to my regular doctor and see if he could shed any light on my condition. It didn’t take long to figure out what was wrong. My blood pressure was 150 over 100, which is way too high for me. He prescribed some blood pressure medicine for me and told me to keep an eye on it.

I had taken BP medicine for years and only stopped taking it a few years ago when my blood pressure because extremely low. At that time I had started to take a diuretic which also controls blood pressure. I still take a diuretic, dyazide, but apparently it doesn’t have that much effect on my blood pressure.

I have taken the blood pressure medicine for 4 days now and it has brought my BP numbers down. Unfortunately I had an attack last night while I was on the computer. It was very sudden, my head jerked violently to the right and the spinning started. What was strange was that the spinning didn’t last that long and I was able to make it to bed.

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