Saturday, August 1, 2009

Acyclovir and meniere's disease

Since I began my long journey with Meniere’s disease I have researched many medications, procedures and surgeries in hope of finding something that will work in my case. A few of the things that I have tried haven’t been very successful like salt reduction and certain types of diuretics. But there has been successes (at least I think it has been a success) like the gentamicin injections. After a rocky start it seems to have helped me. Right now I’m having a little bit of trouble, but anyway I have recently read about something called Acyclovir.

Acyclovir is an antiviral drug which means that it treats infections caused by certain types of viruses. It has been used for shingles, chicken pox and herpes virus among other things. As for the connection between Meniere’s disease and acyclovir it seems logical because some believe that herpes simplex causes Meniere’s disease.

Of course not everyone believes that it is caused by a virus, many believe that meniere’s is the result of Hydrops or excess fluid in the inner ear. That is why diuretics are used to help to eliminate that fluid and the admonition about salt reduction is also given. As I have said before the reduction of salt didn’t help me and from what I have read on meniere’s forums it hasn’t always helped other folks either.

Like I have said before, with meniere’s you hear many reasons why you might have the disease and you hear about various treatments, some that work and some that doesn’t.

If you have this condition you know what I mean.

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  1. Hi David, I think I am going to try it but I think you have to take it in large quantities for along time-


  2. You might be right about that. thanks for commenting

  3. Lowering my sodium intake has helped greatly... However... It has hindered my low blood pressure... And I am finding the problem of keeping my blood pressure high enough to prevent fainting and blackouts... Whilst keeping it low enough to prevent a menieres attack...

  4. In the past I have also had problems with my bp being too low. I had to cut back on my meds. per doctor's instructions

  5. Been prescribed ACYCLOVIR....Here's for hoping it works. I dont like taking medication. I am a little hesitant on trying it out....

  6. Hi,
    I hope it works for you too. I am a little leery about taking new medications but if it helps then it is all worth while.
    good luck

  7. Hi David,
    I was diagnosed positive with HSV type 1 during an IGG test. I am now about to start with Acyclovir. I have had recurring attacks of vertigo and endless tinnitus for the past year. I hope the acyclovir helps!

  8. I hope it does to! let us know how the acyclovir is working for you

  9. Hi.
    I have meniere for 5 years.
    i had been prescribe Acyclovir (see GACEK RR 'Ménière’s Disease Is a Viral Neuropathy')
    and it 's been working for 1 year and a half now !
    Good luck to you

  10. Hi Alex,
    That is great to hear!
    thanks for the comment

  11. diagnosed with meniers disease..i hv vertigo attack almost every 2 weeks frm march 2011 to may frustrating..until ihv a blood test and came out positive of herpes vertigo doc gv me an anti viral drug called acyclovir!!wow!!its a miraclendrug for meniers disease .js on the first day ofvtaking acyclovir..i heardva popping sound frm my ear and fullness disappear..i hope it will really work for me this time....

  12. Hi Nadia
    that is really encouraging news about acyclovir and apparently you aren't the only one.
    thanks for commenting and stay in touch

  13. hello
    this post sounds really interseting. this is why i get so upset with doctors. as they are so inflexible and arrogant.
    we all have balance problems and most of us also have something something that is happening in our ears.
    but why we getting dizzy is not always so straight forward. so any avenues doctors should be telling us about.
    i just know for me and most of us here a tweek here and a tweek there, our balance problems can be resolved.
    i really wanna try this drug is it a over the counter drug or prescription.
    keep up the good work,
    love to all

  14. I also wanted to try Acyclovir, but my Doctor acted like he didn't know anything about it (nonsense) and wouldn't prescribe it.
    I feel so frustrated when they won't try the more simple things, but have no problem doing damaging surgery or injecting toxins into our ears. I believe EVERYTHING else should be tried first!
    Anyone who has had good results against Menieres by taking Acyclovir please post here so I can print it and show it to my ENT.
    Thanks! Lauri

  15. I was diagnosed with Menieres 13 years ago in year 1999. The symptoms lasted for 1 year before i came across Acyclovir through a Japanese researcher's article. He claimed that out of 400+ patients he treated with Acyclovir, about 75% actually recovered. I suddendly found hope in life and decided to give it a try. To my dissappointment, a few ENT Specialists refused to prescribe Acyclovir citing it is not a standard prescription for treating Menierres! Out of desperation, I managed to convince a GP who was willing to prescribe Acyclovir to me. Took one course of Acyclovir for 1 week and amazingly all the symptoms and nightmares were gone! I have been symptoms free for the last 12 years!

  16. hello lee
    are you saying you only took it for 1 week, what dosage did you take

  17. Hi Ali,

    After one taking Acyclovir for 1 week. (400mg morning and 400mg at night) It was about 80% recovery with mild ringing noise remained. I continued taking for another week and the ringing noise was gone in just a couple of days. Good luck.
    CS LEE

    1. Autopsied temporal bones show herpes simplex in the ear with patients with MD.
      My MD started with a virus. If you've ever had chicken pox, then you have the herpes virus in your body.

      Can you post link to the article?

  18. david whenever I try to register -the form asks me to list friend's email addresses. Whose email addresses does it want, as I just found this website and love it.I wanrt to ost comments and I can't.

  19. Can't find the link that i refered to 13 years ago but this one is similar:
    The research methodologies and findings are all the the PDF files.

  20. Hello Lee
    Thanks for the dosage info
    I took acyclovir for the 2 weeks as you recommended, the first week of taking it I had the worst sore throat to the point i was tempted to stop, but I persevered taking it for another week.
    The results were not that great for me, but it was worth a try.
    I really believe when you have menieres, secondary illnesses can have a huge impact. Hence I am always up for trying. My next stage is having a sac decompression, cant wait as a lot of people say it helps with the aural fullness, and for me I only ever have an attack if there is aural fullness.
    Deep down I know menieres can be beaten, not fully, but enough to have a normalish life. Keep battling and questioning this condition.

  21. Hi, I was diagnosed with Meniere's a year ago. I am very interested in trying the Acyclovir. I am going to have to convince my internist to do this, but I do believe I can. What dosage seems to work? For how long? I've read varied reports--2 weeks, 3 months and am not sure what to do. Also, is Valtrex the same thing? Would appreciate an answer as willing to try anything to be rid of these symptoms!!! I'm seeing my internist tomorrow.

  22. I have had dizziness,vertigo for the past one year. After my ENT prescribed with Acyclovir, I do nolonger suffer from it. I guess I need to complete a 3 mth course but guys, it helps from this depressing condition.

  23. hello david
    you really have something special here, just a thought is there anyway you can categorize differently, instead of dates you should have headings like menieres in general, secondary problems, operations, medicines etc, just so hard sometimes to find what you looking for.

  24. Took Acyclovir for two weeks (2000mg per day) and began to have relief from the first day! Now I'm looking for how much to take on a daily basis for a maintenance dose. Any thoughts?

  25. Randolph, I think only a doctor could answer the question of how much acyclovir a person can or should take on a daily maintenance basis.