Sunday, October 18, 2009

My meniere’s disease as of October

Things have been going pretty good for me lately. I have had a few bad days when I haven’t been able to drive but all in all it hasn’t been that bad.

I am wondering if a lot of it has to do with the Meniere’s disease running down as I age. (I’m going to be 52 in January) In the past I have written about meniere’s and aging and how it affects some people for the better. I hope that I am one of those people.

I have been walking a little lately I don’t know if it has affected my mm but it has helped me feel better which is important with this disorder. Stress and worry plays a big part in the mm in my opinion. I hesitate to say that because someone may think that if you just reduce your stress you won’t get mm. that certainly isn’t true! What stress and worry does is make mm worse. When you have an attack and your head is spinning, you’re nauseous; all this makes your emotional state unstable. So if you can limit the amount of stress that you have it will make the attack and the recovery period easier. Something that I have tried recently is autogenic training, its easy and you can do it by yourself. It does seem to help with the stress.

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  1. was good to read this blog about your problem. I have vertigo myself but i have not been categorized which vertigo diagnosis though i assume it is BPV after much research. It's really sad to have this disease cause I am only 23 and I've a whole life ahead of me. I am glad that you are sharing this story with us to let us know we are not alone. Some of my friends think I'm weird but nobody has any idea how it feels like to feel 'dizzy' 'motion sickness' 'nausea' all at one go. I'm dealing with this problem & trying to think positive as much as i can cause i know it can't be cured. The life changing daily routines (even washin my hair is a challenge!) are never taken for GRANTED already. I've learnt to appreciate life more than ever and pray hard this will go away. I hope your problem will eventually self heal like I hear from many other stories. Thanks again....

  2. Hi Eileen,
    I am sorry to hear about vertigo diagnosis, I hope it isn't meniere's disease. You should check with an ENT to determine whether it's meniere' or vertigo. At least with vertigo there is therapy that is very effective.
    good luck and stay in touch.