Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tinnitus and B12 Deficiency

My last post I wrote about how I had Meniere’s disease and not tinnitus. I hadn’t read as much about tinnitus as I have about meniere’s so I was surprised to learn about the connection between tinnitus and B12 deficiency.

Tinnitus like Meniere’s disease can be caused by many things and like meniere’s the causes are sometimes unknown. One possible cause of tinnitus is a vitamin B12 deficiency. According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, b12 is water soluble vitamin that is found in some foods like fish, meat, and diary products. It is generally not found in plant foods. Vitamin B12 plays an important part in the formation of red blood cells and in neurological function.

Vitamin B12 can also cause ataxia (unsteady gait) in older people. Vegetarians are also at a risk for vitamin B12 deficiency because B12 is only found in mead and fish.

For more information on the connection between B12 deficiency and tinnitus go to Dr. Hain’s Website.

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  1. i was diagnosed w/meniear disease.. and i refused to accept that i had such ailment, one day i woke up w/cold soars and canker soars.. i began to think my tinnitus and my soars were linked together.. i did some research and i noticed that b12 itself was linked to both problems i was having... i'm better now after taking b12 pills.. i'm upset w/the wrong diagnoses bc that itself started giving me anxiety..

  2. Thanks for the feedback on b12, it is good to know that it helped you with you tinnitus
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