Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting better maybe...

I dont' know if I am turning a corner on my attacks or being lulled into complacency. I have cut back on the number of antivert that I have been taking for the last few days. I felt like I needed to take one this morning. But I haven't felt that bad since then. I continue to take the supplement t-bio twice a day. I don't know if it is helping or not. I would hate to stop taking it and find out that it was helping me.
Or maybe the painful gentamicin injections that I had this summer are finally working. I don't know if I believe that or not. That is one of the major problems with MM is that no one is sure what works. You have to try as much as possible and see if it works. If I get another major attacks I plan on changing doctors(again) and start taking some more supplements.

With MM you never know what will happen.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

current situation

The past few days I have felt like an attack was going to happen at any moment. It hasn’t happened yet. It might be because I have increase the amount of antivert that I have been taking. I don’t know. I ‘m a little worried. I never believed that salt intake had anything to do with my attacks but I am wondering if I’m wrong. The past three days I have eaten out quite a bit and I assume that my sodium level must be pretty high. I continue to take the diuretic faithfully so maybe this period will pass without bad attacks.
And my stress level has been high lately too. I’m having the same anxiety that most people are having now, worries about my job. It’s never been proven that stress can bring on an attack but then again it hasn’t been disproved. I guess time will answer all these questions.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fear of swimming

I went swimming today with my son at a local aquatic center. There is always an amount of trepidation on my part when I get in the water. Because water in my ears can really cause havoc. But with a pool full of children splashing around it can be very difficult. I've tried ear plugs but they usually fall out.
Worse than the fear of getting water in my ears is the disappointment in my son's face when I tell him that I can go under water and I can't go off the diving board. He is small ( seven years old) and tries to understand but sometimes he just can't. He sees other fathers jumping off the board and swimming underwater, why can't his father do the same thing? I know that this doesn't seem all that bad but it's just one of many things in my life affected by MM.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Well I haven't had an attack in three weeks. I don't know if it is due to my new regiment of drugs or if the gentamicin procedure is finally working( I doubt that) I take the valium in the morning and one t-bio and a antivert before going to work. The ride to work is always scary because two of my worst attacks have come in the car. I take a diuretic when I get to work. Its the kind that you don't lose much potassium through urination. And I usually take another antivert before leaving work because I'm still worried about driving. I take another t-bio in the evening.

I can't understand why driving is having such an effect on me now? Before I had the gentamicin treatment I didn't have any problems with driving. I'm still not convinced I don't have BPPV ( regular vertigo)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Meniere's disease, My Story

January 15: Since this is my first post I should give a little background on my MM. I've had the meniere's for four years now. My first attack was after a car accident. I was told by the first
ENT that I saw that the accident didn't cause it. I don't really believe that. I started treatment with a diuretic and a low salt diet. It seemed to work for awhile and then the attacks were more frequent. In the course of three years I had about 5 attacks at work. Each attack I was taken to the emergency room. I was usually there for 4 or 5 hours they would gave me phenagan and a iv. I was exhausted for about two days after each attack. Finally after going to three different ENT I was given a reference to a specialist in inner ear problems. he suggested the meniett device but my insurance didn't cover it. So the next step was the gentamicin injections. The following link has a good descripton of it.
I had the procedure done four times in the course of two months. Most papers that I have read on the procedure say that it isn't that painful. I disagree.
But after the last injection I felt much better and I had no attacks. Unfortunately, that feeling only lasted a month. The day before I was to have cataract surgery I had a severe attack on the way to work. once again another ambulance trip. but this time it took much longer to recover. and from that point on whenever I was driving I felt like I was going to have another attack. Another month went by of missing work periodically when I had another attack on the way to work. After this episode I went on short term disability. My specialist suggested putting a shunt in my ear. I was agreeable with that until I did a little research. It seems that most doctors feel that type of surgery is about the same as doing nothing. (the above link also has information about the procedure).
So right now I am taking a compound medicine ( not proscribed by the doctor) and I am still taking a diuretic, a diazim and antivert when needed. I will continue to correspond about my progress or lack of it.