Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Meniere’s disease and gluten

I have read various theories on what causes or agitates Meniere’s disease. The hydrops theory and the viral theory are usually the most popular reasons for meniere’s. As for agitating meniere’s or bringing on an attack, diet, mostly one high in salt is at the top of list. Smoking and alcohol are also bad. Another theory that I have read about lately is gluten.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a type of protein that is found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye. Gluten is also an important source of protein for much of the world’s population. Gluten is the substance in bread that allows it to rise before baking. It also gives bread its chewy taste.

Unfortunately gluten is also responsible for celiac disease which can be fatal. The gluten causes damage to your small intestine and also limits your ability to digest certain nutrients. Without those nutrients your body’s organs and functions can be severely affected. So with celiac disease wheat products are to be avoided.

The connection between meniere’s and gluten

I have read that some meniere’s patients have found that reduced intake of gluten can help lessen meniere’s attacks. It could also have something to do with wheat allergies agitating meniere’s because allergies have also been considered as something that provokes meniere’s. It seems reasonable especially if vertigo can be a side effect of gluten.

As usual there isn’t any concrete proof that gluten and meniere’s have a connection but I wouldn’t rule it out either.

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  1. I have both, don't know what i can eat bar veggies. I am about to test going gluten free and its affect on meniries, then I am gonna add salt and see what my issue is

  2. Not sure why, but have tried gluten free the last couple of days, and my Meniere's attacks have actually been more frequent and have seemed to worsen. : ( I am planning on continuing on for a one week trial. My thoughts as to why, are possibly that although it is not a low carb diet, I have been cutting out breads, etc., so in essence, I am doing more low carb, which I know from past Atkins' diets, that a low carb diet can lead to water loss in the body. So, my own personal, not medical theory, is that by affecting the fluid balance, I'm making the meniere's possibly flare up a bit. Just a thought....

  3. I stopped most gluten and then had a four month break from Vertigo. My thinking was that there may be a connection between Menieres and inflammation. Gluten is inflammatory, as is sugar. I had a lot of sugar over a period and my vertigo came back. So in going to avoid gluten and sugar and see if I can be free again of vertigo.