Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Loud noises, hearing loss and Meniere’s disease

What a predicament! My hearing is bad and loud noise gives me headaches. I have been losing my hearing in my left ear for several years probably even before I had Meniere’s disease. My right ear so far is normal. Although lately I have been hearing popping sounds out of it, hopefully that isn’t anything to worry about. Ironically, loud noises are really starting to drive my crazy.

As I have written before I am fortunate not to have tinnitus, although I do have frequent bouts where a static or rumbling sound comes from my left ear. I don’t believe that it is tinnitus because, I may be wrong, tinnitus is constant. But the thing that is really bothering me know besides all the short Meniere’s attacks is loud noise. I took my son to an indoor pool the other day and the place was packed with kids. The minute that I walked in the noise became almost unbearable. Not only the sound of kids playing, but the echo of the indoor pool was driving me crazy! Does noise affect you?

Right now I am still on disability and I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Since I have been continuing to have balance problems and meniere’s attacks he probably will agree to another extension. We will see…

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  1. I just found out, the hard way, that flash photography causes vertigo. Good think I'm not famous and subjected to the papparazzi. I went to a wedding and sat right in the line of fire for not one but three professional photographers and about 10 amateurs. After an hour I had to go home and be dizzy for a while. Loud noise is also starting to cause concern. I work in a library, you'd think it would be quiet there but I work with teens in a sound-proof space that is never quiet. We regularly have Super Smash Bros on for hours and it gets loud. I've noticed that after a while I have to go to a different part of the room or go for a valium.

  2. Bigdaddythinks,
    That is interesting about the flash from a camera triggering an attack. I guess anything that affects the eyes would cause it.
    stay in touch

  3. YES! Certain sounds drive me absolutely crazy. While I sometimes need to turn up the volume on radios/tvs, I find that groups of loud people and loud music/boom cars really hurt my ears. My husband is always telling me to ignore certain noises, but its the painful pounding that gets to me.

  4. Hi Astrogirl,
    Loud groups of people are also bad for me too!
    thanks for the comment and stay in touch

  5. Hi, I find loud or tinny noises unbearable. I used to wear ear plugs all the time, especially when handling cutlery, being near my toddler, people talking (even at a normal volume). The distortion is horrible otherwise.

    Now I have had an attenuator made for my left ear. It cuts out the top 15 decibels but leaves me with clarity across the spectrum. I can definately recommend getting one - it cost me £100. Funnily enough, it was the first time they had made just one for someone. Usually they are bought by musicians/drummers who want a pair.

    Fortunately I don't wear hearing aids - I'm not sure if they can incorporate an attenuator effect into a hearing aid?


  6. Hi Elly,
    That is really interesting about an attenuator, I don't think that I have heard about that before. I'll have to look into it.
    thanks again

  7. I was just diagnosed with Meniere's Disease last Tuesday. I've had tinnitis since I was a teenager but could only hear it at night when it was really quiet. Last February I woke up from a nap and my tinnitis had increased in volume suddenly...I now hear it over everything. Cars, radios, conversations...its a high pitched squeal.

    What brought me to the ENT was an earache that I'd had in my left ear for two months. I had just recovered from a two month long bout of sinusitis and a brief patch of pneumonia. He said it wasnt infected or anything. I told him how sometimes my hearing is distorted. Like listening to music through a really bad speaker. The words are "buzzy" and it hurts. He did a hearing test which showed a very mild loss of hearing in high frequencies in my left ear. After hours of testing, he diagnosed Meniere's.

    My question is, do any of you have earaches and headaches with Meneiere's? My ENT insists its painless so he is blaming my earaches and headaches on TMJ syndrome. Its possible I suppose but it seems too coincidental that my TMJ syndrome would flare up at the same time I got sick and suffered a hearing loss.

    I also wondered how common it is for the hearing loss to be progressive. How many of you have a significant hearing loss because of Meneieres? How many of you have it in both ears, is that common?

    Thank you for all your help!


  8. Hi Michelle,
    Losing your hearing is very common with meniere's disease. In my own case my hearing has gotten progressively worse since I was diagnosed with md. I don't have that many earaches although occasionally I do. when I was younger I had earaches all the time, I don't know if that has anything to do with my present condition though.
    Headaches are also common with a lot of meniere's folks. Some of them are even migraines.
    I have read that over time 50 % of mm patients have it in both ears. So there is difinitely a chance of it going to both ears.

    thanks for commenting and please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.

  9. I too have Menieres. And just last night, my husband took a picture, and it set me off into Vertigo. If I stare at something, while having the vertigo, it helps. Also, Meclizine 3 times a day, helps me not throw up. My hearing is almost gone in my right ear. Glad to hear others, have the camera flash vertigo. Because, as a kid I had epilepsy. I was worried it was coming back. It just must be part of the Meniers. Lynne

  10. hi lynne,
    My eyes seem to play a big part in some of the meniere's attacks that I have. i also take meclizine and it does help.
    I hope that your epilepsy isn't returning too. Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.

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