Sunday, January 9, 2011

Disorders that are similiar to Meniere's Disease

Most of all of us don’t really know why we have Meniere’s disease. A lot of questions remain as to how you get Meniere’s disease and why. Of course the biggest question is what to do about it. Hopefully that will be resolved in a few years. Another thing that is puzzling about Meniere’s is whether you have this disorder or not. A doctor told me a long time ago that the diagnosis of Meniere’s is usually slapped on a patient with balance and dizziness problems when all other disorders have been eliminated. After a recent post about the vascular loop I thought about how there are other diseases or disorders that resemble Meniere’s disease.

  • BPPV Vertigo - This is the first one that comes to mind because when you have Meniere’s one of your symptoms during an attack is vertigo. I was tested by a few doctors who were able to eliminate vertigo as my illness with a simple test. That is too bad because vertigo from what I have read is easier to treat. 
  • Labyrinthitis - Labyrinthitis is caused by a virus that results in hearing loss and tinnitus. Some doctors believe that Meniere’s disease is also caused by virus and tinnitus is very common among Meniere’s sufferers. There can also be vertigo but not as bad as it is with Meniere’s 
  • Perilymph fistula - Perilymph fistula is caused by a leakage of fluid in the inner ear. There are many causes for it and the symptoms are balance problems and dizziness 
  • Mal de debarquement syndrome (MdDS) - This is really an odd and rare disorder that causes you to be unstable on your feet. The cause is relativity unknown.  
  • Otosclerosis - This disorder is caused by abnormal growth of the middle ear. It is possible to have otosclerosis and Meniere’s disease at the same time 

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  1. This is interesting. You share so much good information.
    Talking to someone else with Menière´s often reveals a lot of similar experiences and sensations but also things that differs. Maybe in the future we will have even more diagnoses for vertigo and dizziness. And some of us with the diagnose Meniére will be given a new diagnose instead. And hopefully this will lead to new and better cures. As you have written about - there is no cure today that fits all of us, maybe because we as a fact really have different diagnoses.

  2. Hi,

    Just found you online. I added your blog to my Menieres Bloggers, would be honour if you visit mine.
    Thank you and keep sane!!

  3. Thanks Susanna I appreciate it!

    Hi Helena I will definitely take a look at your blog?

    thanks for the comments

  4. Another disorder is superior canal dehiscence, where part of the bone surrounding the ear is too thin and wears away:

    As my Meniere's symptoms changed I suspected for a while that I actually had this, but it has now been ruled out.

  5. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the info, I don't think that I had heard of that one before
    thanks again