Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meniere’s disease and the vascular loop

I had a comment on the blog the other day about something called vascular loop. I didn’t think that I had heard the term before, when I did some research it was something that I knew a little about but not much.

Here is part of Becky’s comment

I've had the full blown menieres symptoms (unilateral left ear) for just over a year, had various tests done, but something has been bugging me since I last saw an ENT consultant. On my last visit he told me I had an abnormal vessel pressing on my inner ear (which they had failed to tell me before!) but he wouldn't operate as its too close to the brain, and it probably wouldn't cause my symptoms anyway. However, I've done a little research, and found that its something called a vascular Loop which compresses/damages the VIII cranial nerve. I also found some studies, which are quite old (during 1990's) where menieres patients had this Loop and underwent micro-vascular-decompression and vestibular neurectomy, after-which they were vertigo free, tinnitus significantly reduced and in some even hearing improved

Becky also wrote a follow up comment which contains links with information about vascular loop. Thanks Becky, I appreciate the information!

According to Pubmed gov “a vascular loop in the internal auditory canal pressing upon the vestibular nerve was found in a series of eight patients with episodic vertigo and severe motion intolerance. All patients had failed medical and surgical therapy for vestibular Meniere's disease, which this syndrome closely mimics. A vestibular nerve resection or section medial to the vascular loop produced relief of symptoms in all patients, but one patient required a second operation. We have no test or study to reliably diagnose this syndrome preoperatively.”

The internet really has been a blessing to those of us with meniere’s disease and other health issues. Personally I would have been lost without all the research that I have done over the years about things that help with meniere’s disease and things that makes it worse. It also makes us aware of any potential cures or devices that are on the horizon.

Here are some of the links about vascular loop and vestibular neurectomy

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  1. Hello.
    Ive had vertigo, dizzyness, motion intolerance for 2 months and had a MRI of brain and Auditory canal. Although the report concludes everything is normal, the report talks about prominent aberrant vascular loops in both auditory canals.
    I will discuss this with the ENT clinic, ASAP.
    Good luck.