Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quick Meniere’s attack

I always find the comments that the blog receives very informative and though provoking. A couple comments from the past week made me think about a kind of meniere’s attack that I have had in the past. The feeling that the head is being pushed backward extremely hard without warning apparently is familiar to other meniere’s sufferers.
The first comment is from Ali describing an attack that he had after playing a video game on his phone…
I was on my smartphone, and i downloaded this game which was very visually active. After 5 minutes i had this attack for 15 seconds. It was the worst level of spinning i have ever had in my life, if it had carried on for the usual 4 hours meniere’s style attack i would have been sectioned as i was shouting in fear when it happened. Has anyone ever had this is this a drop attack?).
And Lauri responded…
When you had the fast/furious attack, did you have the sensation of being smacked hard backwards? I did. I never actually moved backwards. But the sensation was there.
NO warning for me with this attack.

 My attacks that have been similar have usually occurred when I am on the computer. I will be looking at something and all of a sudden my head will jerk uncontrollably to the left leaving me rather dazed.  It was frightening to say the least.
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  1. Yes - I have had this recently as well - just 15 seconds or so and it's gone. Sometimes when I'm driving, sometimes when I'm on the computer, sometimes when I'm doing nothing but eating.

    I read Ginkgo Biloba and Zinc might help and maybe it is. Since I started taking that about two weeks ago, I have only had one "speed attack."

    I have Valium (2mg) and that seems to be the best in warding off an attack, something that seems to follow unusually loud tinnitus.

    All in all, I'll take the speed attack over the 12-hour deal but it's still strange and I just wish I (like all of us) could get it under control as opposed to managing it.

  2. hello marcus
    i agree the short attack is much easier to deal with but then on the flip side it much more dangerous as you have no warning, hence if you cycling and suddenly have one god forbid anything can happen.
    today i was given buccastem, told to take after an attack. does anyone know of this.(seems like a very strong drug.

  3. Ali~
    Have you been having major problems with migraine, or nausea/vomiting?
    I know it's given for those when extreme.
    It is a strong drug. I have heard it can cause sudden blood pressure drop in some people, so don't stand or sit up suddenly just in case. :)
    I wonder why the Dr. wants you to take it AFTER an attack?

  4. hello lauri
    yes i have migraines and used to have nausea/vommiting.
    now i have constant dizzy days with out the extreme part, since i take Propranolol and have a strict regime (no gluten, dairy, low salt. etc) also there is a spray called avamys for the sinuses which is a very gentle spray that helps my sinuses. other spryas are far too strong for me.
    the doctor reccomended bucca as i still get wobbly moments and when i do he advised to take this stuff, which i am not really happy about, as i see most of you lucky americans get valium:). here they prefer to give us neurological hallucinogens instead of opium based drugs.

  5. This is basically how my attacks started. I was driving and one day all of a sudden, my head was giving and pushing to the left and I felt like I could not keep the car in the road. I still have these attacks from time to time as well as other types of episodes. I no longer drive on the interstate because of it. I have trouble with roads which do not have definite side boundaries. Does anyone else experience such craziness? Sarah G

  6. Sarah~
    Oddly enough, when I was 26 I had the same attack as you did while I was driving. Totally freaked me out. It was so sudden and profound that for a second I thought another car had hit me.
    I remember it to this day because of how strong it was. Felt like my head was just snapped back really hard. My vision was even blurred. No other symptoms other than breaking out in a sweat and feeling dizzy and VERY shaky when it was over. I went straight to the ER and they checked my heart first thing. It seemed fine. They never knew what it was, nor were my ears ever mentioned or checked. I had a repeat of the same thing again in 2002, just the one attack. explanation from the Dr.'s. It wasn't until I got full blown Menieres in 2008 that I realized that it had been a quick form of vertigo.
    I'm nervous on the road too, so I try to only drive local. Some days I can't drive at all.
    Like you..I also have trouble with road boundaries.
    Sidewalks too.
    Vertigo stinks. Hang in there!

  7. hello
    one of the hotspots for panic attacks is the intersstate/motorway, also shopping malls are high on the list.
    include the visual stimuli and menieres to the aforementioned places then you have a prime place for an attack to take place.

  8. I had my first short attack the other day when I was taking an exam on the computer. I had been on the computer pretty much all day studying, and a few hours later when I went to take the exam, in the middle of it I had an episode. What was weird was that it didn't last but a couple of minutes, and that has never happined before. Could being on the computer be a possible stimuli for an onset of vertigo? There has been severe pressure in my raffle the past several weeks and I have been back on Valuim.
    I am also going to have the shunt surgery on Tuesday, it will be the last resort before the gentimicin injections, so I hope this works. Luckily I have met my totall out of pocket for the year, so i won't have to pay for it! (the upside I guess)

  9. hello
    good day for me today, i met the surgeon for the first time seemed every helpful, all options are open to me now (in terms of surgery), there first plan of action is to place a grommet, aswell as dex stelroid injections in the middle ear.
    he decided to put a grommet in because i explained to him about the clicking noses in the ear. first person that actually related to the clicking noises:).

  10. Good Luck Ali!

    I am very effected by the computer.
    I had a vestibular therapist tell me that it's impossible to have vertigo from visual stimuli..but she doesn't have a clue!
    I can only be on the computer for short periods of time, and often only once a day.
    Sometimes not at all, I am so effected by it.
    I have twice had the quick attack from being on the computer.
    Good Luck on your surgery!

  11. My first attack was my worst. That being said I suffered many years from the very violent spinning that was so bad it left me panicked and screaming for help. Laying down I felt like I was dropping to the ceiling and into the walls.

    The first one started with a drop attack (A.K.A Turmarkin's Crisis, Otolithic crisis). If felt like Someone literally hit me in the head with a baseball bat and I went flying to the floor. Luckily the first time I was sitting. I suffered drop attacks daily for over 5 years. As I went through my 5 gentamiacin treatments the drop attacks started to fade quite a bit.

    Mind you I have had Meniere's for about 18 years now, and was diagnosed a shy 5 years ago.

    I do have the quick attacks quite often through the day. Although the large ones are much more mild now. The quick ones are just a regular attack. The "drop attack" is when if feels like you have been tackled by a quarterback. As with everything else with this syndrome there are tons of shades of gray when it comes to the way attacks hit and the severity.

    Best to do is relax and try to stay calm during the quick ones. After a while you do get use to them and it gets easier.

    Just take care of yourself and make sure you are in a clutter free environment when doing activities that trigger your symptoms. That way if you do drop you won't hurt yourself.

  12. I just experienced my first episode of vertigo yesterday. It was a drop attack as I've seen others describe it. Walking one minute, the next falling to the floor and hit my face on the wall while trying to stabilize myself. Very disconcerting, I have to say. I have been diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma in my right ear. The problem is that my left ear is giving me the trouble now. Aural fullness, very loud ringing and now vertigo. The neuroma has taken most of my hearing in my right ear, so I'm scared to lose more hearing on the left. Has anyone ever heard of suffering from both meniere's and an acoustic neuroma?


  13. Hi Maureen,
    The only thing that I remember about acoustic neuroma is that the symptoms are similiar to meniere's
    If I find anything else about it I'll put it in a post.
    thanks for the comment