Sunday, July 31, 2011

Has physical therapy ever helped your meniere’s disease?

There are definitely some medications that have helped me out and there are some that didn’t help at all. There are also a lot of folks that credit the gent injections with helping them with their dizziness. Unfortunately I’m not in that group (along with others) as I have said on more than one occasion some things work with meniere’s and some things don’t. One thing that I thought might have helped but didn’t was vestibular therapy. At first I thought it was a success then I started to have the attacks again. It has been a while since I had it but looking back it really didn’t help much. In fact the therapist even told me that most of her dizzy patients had vertigo not Meniere’s disease.
I guess the reason that I am thinking about it now was a conversation that I had with a doctor this year. I told him about my previous experience with therapy and he certainly understood the frustration I had with it. But then he brought up the subject of the laby operation, where the inner ear is gone and that might be something that I should consider. I told him that I had heard a lot of folks had terrible balance problems after the operation. He then said that the therapy would help with that. I can’t imagine that I will ever have any type of surgery like that especially if I have to rely on therapy.
Let me know if physical therapy has helped anyone.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Drinking water and Meniere’s disease

With the heat wave that most at not all of the country is having right now it’s no wonder that the news channels have been encouraging folks to drink as much water as possible. Being dehydrated can lead to serious problems. I know personally that I don’t always drink as much water as I should because I also think it affects the Meniere’s disease also. I got a comment last week from someone who was advised to drink lots of water from the ER.
Anonymous said...
I was diagnosed with MD 4 years ago. At my last ER visit I was advised to drink LOTS of fluids. It makes no sense based on what I have learnt so far, but I find a couple of gallons of water, and a few pints of regular Gatorade each day really does help.

I can understand the confusion because most ENTs if not all make a connection between excess fluid in the ear and meniere’s. That’s why most of us are taking some kind of diuretic. I am not exactly sure how drinking water helps the meniere’s but I think that is still a good idea anyway just to prevent dehydration. And you know that you want to try everything you can to prevent having a meniere’s attack.
So keep drinking that water!
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Meniere’s disease and being tired

Being tired and having Meniere’s disease is quite common especially after the attacks. I spoke to someone the other day and they asked me how I felt after a particularly bad attack. I told them that I would be tired for at least 2 or 3 days after the attack and sometimes it may even be a week before I am feeling better. I also believe that the stress of Meniere’s disease also wears you down. (I’m sure that a lot of folks would agree with that!)
As I have mentioned before I have been going to counseling for the past few months. Along with the counseling I also see a physiatrists’ assistant to monitor my medications. On my previous visit I told the PA that I was having problems sleeping and I also told her that I had sleep apnea (it is very important to mention that whenever you ask for sleep aids) At the time she gave me a prescription for something that would not help with anxiety with also help me sleep. Unfortunately the medication gave me some side effects without helping me. This visit she decided to give me a popular prescription sleeping pill. Let a lot of people I am not entirely comfortable with any type of sedative but I am really getting wore out. I certainly hope that it works.  
Is the Meniere’s wearing you out too?
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frustration with Meniere’s disease

I went to a doctor that I haven’t seen before about my meniere’s.  This appointment was set up for me by the long term insurance company from my previous employer. I guess they wanted another opinion about my meniere’s disease.  Any way the visit went pretty good. They gave me a hearing test and the results didn’t surprise me, I was almost deaf in my meniere’s ear (left ear).  The doctor was really nice but I don’t think that he will be able to tell the insurance company anything conclusive. In order for him to say that my meniere’s disease is active he would have to see me in the middle of an attack.
Earlier this year another doctor said the same thing to me, that I should call him while I am having an attack and then make arrangements to see him immediately. Of course this is ridiculous because when I am having an attack I can’t even set up let alone attempt to make a phone call.  And even if I did how would I get to the doctor’s office?  The doctor’s office is about 45 minutes away and I certainly can’t drive and my wife works so she can’t take me. I don’t have anyone else that can drop what they are doing and take me to the doctor’s office. Another thing is that my attacks don’t always happen during office hours.
As you all know this meniere’s stuff brings on a lot of frustration!
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cinnarizine and Meniere’s disease

It is always interesting to find out about a medication for Meniere’s disease that some folks have tried and had success with. I know in the past there have been more than a few people have mentioned something called Cinnarizine.  As a matter of fact someone wrote a comment about how well the medication was working for them.

Just to share in relation to medication, I noticed that Cinnarizine is effectively controlling my symptoms. No more spinning spells for almost 2 months now (too early to say though). But it seems effective, have you heard of this meds? I hope I found my silver bullet. The only thing which concerns me is negative side effects.

From what I have read on the internet Cinnarizine is an “an antihistamine which is mainly used for the control of nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness.” (Wikipedia) Of course antivert is also an antihistamine a med that I have found to be helpful in certain situations (although I have had doctors tell me that doesn’t really help but that is another story!)
Cinnarizine is also prescribed for hay fever and allergy problems but it seems that some doctors find it helpful for meniere’s.
The side effects are probably what you expected, sleepy, headache, restlessness and a few others. You can find the complete list at
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