Sunday, January 15, 2012

No spinning and Meniere’s disease

I didn’t think that I was going to be able to write my blog post this Sunday because of my computer problems. On Thursday I tried to turn on the computer and I couldn’t get windows to come up. After trying everything in the book I decided to reinstall windows which of course wiped out some of my stuff (not all of it because I did have a backup, thankfully) the reinstall worked but put me a little behind schedule.

I received an email this week from someone who described having a type of motion sickness for many months but not the kind that has spinning…

Here's the comment
Does anyone have chronic, non-stop, all day motion sickness? Not spinning vertigo but that heavy head, unstable feeling? Does this sound like Meniere's? I've had it since October in addition to tinnitus and high pitch hearing loss in one ear. Am so miserable and sad. Any thoughts

It does sound terrible especially to have it as long as he has. The best suggestion that I have for him is to go to an ENT who specializes in the inner ear to find out what his options are. This reminds me of a guy I worked with a few years ago. He also had a similar problem with his balance and hearing loss. I’m not positive but I believe he had surgery to help with the problem. I think it was the laby surgery but I’m not quite sure.

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  1. I have this kind of feeling most of the time now. I used to have the classic vertigo/vomiting attacks, then had the labyrinthectomy, and those attacks stopped. Now I'm somewhat dizzy all the time, with vision problems and a sense of disorientation and heaviness in my head, particularly when I go outdoors. I wear glasses with a prism lens, and perhaps that is making me worse -- I'm still adjusting to them. My doctor says it takes time to get used to them and reap the potential benefits, but I'm still waiting.

  2. I have had that heaviness in the head, nausea and/or disoriented feeling for several days to weeks at a time, then remission for a while (never with my ear of course) and then one or two drop attacks.

  3. this is also exactly were my menieres is, its the day to day unsteadiness that is my core problem. the big attacks are kinda under control cause i know my triggers, very diabling this disease.
    ps whats people experinces with hot food (chilli etc)

  4. I was diagnosed with MD 2 years ago. I haven't had the horrible vertigo described by so many, but the spinning and tinnitus drove me to see a doctor. I was referred to an otologist by my ENT...the otologist specializes in the inner ear. After very extensive testing over 2 days, the diagnosis was MD. His suggestion was to reduce my sodium intake to 1000 mg's per day and eliminate caffeine. Because I have a son with food allergies, I know that it takes 3 weeks for anything to move completely out of your system. So, I knew that I had to begin immediately and wait 3 weeks before looking for relief. The relief was there in 16 days. Suddenly NO spinning, less fullness in my ears and much more quiet tinnitus. I realized a few things in the first couple of months. First, most medications have sodium in them as a preservative. You can request that they be in a liquid gel form so they don't have sodium. Decaf coffee and tea still has up to 45 caffeine in it. It makes a huge difference to switch to herbal tea. Yuck! However, I finally found an herbal tea that I like. It's expensive, but worth it. I also lived by label reading and the help from 'Sodium Content in Foods' found on the AlsoSalt Eating out is hard, but if you are preparing your own foods, you can easily stay at 900 to 1000 mg's of sodium. Don't forget that carob is a good substitute for chocolate that has lots of caffeine. If I eat only foods prepared by me, I can actually experience what I call quiet days where the tinnitus is almost non-existent. Canned foods, frozen prepared meals are the culprits. If you go fresh and enrich your diet with nuts (no salt), fresh fruit, and poultry, pork and fish you may find the same results as I have. I was sick over the holidays and had to take an antibiotic and use a cough syrup with codeine. I didn't get to the point of spinning, but the tinnitus ramped up big time as did the fullness in my ears. It drove me crazy. 2 weeks after taking the last of the drugs, the symptoms began to subside and I am back on track. Hope this helps someone....I really think sodium and caffeine are the key. Seems logical to me.

  5. Hi, was diagnosed this past august and like you had suffered with chronic non stop motion sickness.A friend brought me Psi bands you wear them on your wrists and they relieve motion sickness, it's called Nei-kuan acupressure point. They work for me.They cost around $15.00 us dollars and are sold in many stores and you can find them on ebay. I hope they help you. Take care, Good luck.

  6. I have Meniere more than 2.5 years now. I used to have spinning vertigo but recently it changes to more like mild motion sickness, fullness in the ear and heavy head. Tinnitus and high pitch hearing loss in one ear is with me all the time. Somehow the mild motion sickness attacked me like 2-3 days in a week. I felt really miserable. I live with Betaserc everyday. I would take it early in the morning and sometimes one more before I go to bed at night. There was one time where Meneire attacked me real bad while I was sleeping. I was being awoke by vertigo at 1.30am but luckily it did not go so wild since I managed to overcome it. I was lucky since I could go back to sleep to sleep but I felt so tired the next day.I am not shen this Meneire will leave me but I do not expect much since I know there is no cure for it. I am hoping that I can get used to it so that my body will get immune.

  7. I have had that exact feeling. It, for me has lasted from 15 min to 12 hours. Now for the past 3 months or so I have not had any issues. A few things I have done. I try to watch the sodium and take my diuretic (Triamterene). I am a avid ultra runner so eliminating all sodium can cause muscle issues. I have not taken Ibpro or Acedimediphin, in months. I now take glucosimine sulfate 500mg 3-4 times daily. I have also given up multivitimin. I try to eat as much fresh food as possible. I eat alot of egg, potatoes, rice and chicken. Mrs Dash no salt products occasionaly. If I eat canned foods they must state they are low sodium. My last big attack was in August while staying a at cabin in the SC mountains. I feel elevation and the dust, ash, mold in the air from the 90 yr old cabin led to my attack. I have also gone to only one hearing aid despite the loss of hearing on my right side. I do still suffer daily from fluctuating hearing loss and have had occasional spins. The longest lasting under 1 min. I find that the ringing, fullness, and hearing loss get worse in stressful situations or late in the day when I'm working. Just my thoughts on my own care. I refuse to have surgery because I'm just not convinced it works. I also refuse to give up my lifestyle. I believe the exercise helps as well. Since september I have trained for and ran many extreme events including a 24 hour run where I ran 72 miles and a 50k (31mile) run. Training for these I run 35-50 miles a week. I am also a n assistant manager for a big box retail store. Most importantly I enjoy spending time with my family. Remember there is hope, we all need to take it upon ourselves to experiment and find out what works for us.