Sunday, January 29, 2012

Meniere’s, hearing loss and MAV

In the past I have written about Meniere’s disease and migraines (MAV) and I have received comments regarding them also. Most of them of the folks that have commented had the migraines before the Meniere’s disease. And over half of Meniere’s sufferers have experienced migraines. There seems to be quite the connection between the 2 ailments. In the past week I received an email from someone who also had migraines with he thought was Meniere’s disease.

This is from Dave…

I have been following your page for a while and am seeking some information.

I became ill in July with what appeared to be Labyrinthitis with flare ups that were like Meniere’s attacks. I however did not feel back to normal between attacks and was very ill constantly for 18 weeks. During this time I have 2 very big attacks which have sent me TOTALLY deaf in my right ear and left me quite off balance. My last big attack left me in hospital for 5 days. I had constant rotational nystagmus for 4 days straight. During this time, I could not even sit up in bed, let alone feed myself. I could not walk at all unaided. It also took me 3 weeks after this to learn how to walk mostly straight and unaided again :(

I was told that what I had experienced was "100 times worse than Meniere’s" and that I do not have Meniere’s. I was Dx with MAV.

A lot does not make sense though. I have fluctuating aural fullness. Constant tinnitus in the dead ear, Varying amounts of motion sickness and am constantly unsteady on my feet.

The thing that really surprised me was losing his hearing completely in his bad ear. I don’t think that I have read about anyone who has Meniere’s losing all their hearing in one ear. I also don’t understand how his doctor could say that he didn’t have Meniere’s disease because his symptoms sound a lot like Meniere’s.

I would love to hear your comments on this.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Does Meniere’s disease lead to other health problems?

Have you ever thought that having Meniere’s disease has been the cause of you having other health problems? The first thing that comes to mind is hearing loss. While my hearing wasn’t that good before I was diagnosed with Meniere’s it is really bad now especially in my “Meniere’s” ear. Although I think that I lost a lot of the hearing after my last gent injection (I can’t say for sure) As for other health issues it seems that MD has also made them worse.

What made me think about all this was a comment that I read about acid reflux, which I have had for years. It doesn’t seem like there would be any connection between it and Meniere’s but who knows there might be.

Another problem that I know quite a few people have difficulty with is depression and with meniere’s it isn’t hard to see the connection between the two. Dealing with the thought that you may have an attack at any moment during the day is enough to make anyone depressed. In my own case I found that going to a counselor helped quite a bit in handling the stress and depression that it puts you under.

Something that I am going to try to do in 2012 is to live a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully by eating a healthy diet and exercising I will be able to feel better and have more energy. (I hope that I stick to it!)

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

No spinning and Meniere’s disease

I didn’t think that I was going to be able to write my blog post this Sunday because of my computer problems. On Thursday I tried to turn on the computer and I couldn’t get windows to come up. After trying everything in the book I decided to reinstall windows which of course wiped out some of my stuff (not all of it because I did have a backup, thankfully) the reinstall worked but put me a little behind schedule.

I received an email this week from someone who described having a type of motion sickness for many months but not the kind that has spinning…

Here's the comment
Does anyone have chronic, non-stop, all day motion sickness? Not spinning vertigo but that heavy head, unstable feeling? Does this sound like Meniere's? I've had it since October in addition to tinnitus and high pitch hearing loss in one ear. Am so miserable and sad. Any thoughts

It does sound terrible especially to have it as long as he has. The best suggestion that I have for him is to go to an ENT who specializes in the inner ear to find out what his options are. This reminds me of a guy I worked with a few years ago. He also had a similar problem with his balance and hearing loss. I’m not positive but I believe he had surgery to help with the problem. I think it was the laby surgery but I’m not quite sure.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Labyrinthectomy, Vestibular Neuritis and Meniere’s disease

I receive a lot of comments from folks about whether they in fact have Meniere’s disease or not. Their doctor may have diagnosed them with it but then again they still aren’t sure. And that makes sense because meniere’s is a strange disorder that is hard to make sense of. I received a comment the other day regarding meniere’s and Vestibular Neuritis.

Anonymous’ wife after years of living with Meniere’s disease had the laby surgery. It went well and with therapy and exercise she had a good recovery. After a year of no meniere’s she started to have attacks again.

Here is the rest of the comment…

“We know it is not positional vertigo and it's not Meniere's in her good ear, but we are stumped trying to figure out what is going on. The doctor first thought perhaps she had Vestibular Neuritis, but that should have resolved by now. Now his is thinking she may be among the <1% of people that develop a vestibular neuroma on the nerve stump following labyrinthectomy, but that is very rare and there is no way to test for it. I know we will get her through this and will be back to feeling great again someday, but it's been hard for her to deal with after knowing what it's like to feel good again. Does anyone out there know of someone with a similar experience?”

I would have hated to go through that type of surgery and then a year later start to have the attacks again. But you never know with meniere’s. It is also kind of scary that she might have developed a vestibular neuroma after having the laby surgery and not be able to find out for sure.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Meniere’s disease New Year resolution

Happy New Year’s from my life and meniere’s disease! Let’s all hope that 2012 is much better than 2011 not only from a meniere’s perspective but in all things In your life. It was a rocky year for me with plenty of ups and downs but I made it and I’m glad that you did to. Now let’s think positive about what is coming up in the New Year.

I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions but I think I will make a few this year. The first one is to start eating right and hopefully see some of my excess weight come off. Over the years I have lost weight but I haven’t been able to keep it off for a long period of time. This year I will definitely try harder to watch what I eat and avoid the foods that aren’t good for me (unfortunately the foods that aren’t good for me are the ones that I love, like cake, ice cream, junk food, red meat…)

I am going to also try to begin exercising by walking a few times a week. I’m a little scared about this one because the park that I used to walk in isn’t as safe as it once was and I am also fearful about having a meniere’s attack or possibly a fall. But I need to try because walking is a great way to strengthen the heart and also help with my balance.

I also hope that I have a resolution on my social security disability claim in 2012 but there isn’t much I can do about that one.

Anybody else have any resolutions for 2012?

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