Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meniere’s disease and Marijuana

Legal marijuana and its health benefits have been controversial to say the least! There are some people who have found it to be quite beneficial while others don’t agree. As of right now there are 16 states and the District of Columbia that have some sort of legalized marijuana, most of the time it is used for reducing pain in cancer patients. Have you ever wonder if anyone has used it to help with Meniere’s disease?

I received a detailed comment from someone this week who had indeed smoked marijuana to find relief from the vertigo, tinnitus and the general agony that goes with Meniere’s.

Here is some of that comment…

Times are from first puff.


0:41 Feel initial effect

01:27 Pressure subsiding and spreading

02:53 Noticeable pressure relief

05:30 Feeling better

06.18 Hungry, nausea subsiding

06:30 Major vertigo relief, smiling

07:02 Overall sense of relief

08.26 Body relaxing

09:16 Full blown attack averted

12:15 I can function, day is saved

19.50 Best results from any medication I have tried

Since medicinal marijuana is limited to a small percentage of states this option wouldn’t be open to everyone and you certainly don’t want to break the law either but I thought that it is important to keep an open mind about all things that may help with Meniere’s disease.

For more information regarding medical marijuana also referred to as its pharmacy name Marinol, check out this site from the Department of Justice.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine’s Day, chocolate and Meniere’s disease

It seems like every holiday has food of some sort in its rituals. Thanksgiving has turkey and all its fixings and of course Christmas is much the same plus Christmas cookies. Well we just had Valentine’s Day this past week and that means chocolate candy which not only puts on the pounds but also contains sugar and caffeine. If you have Meniere’s then you probably know that caffeine is on the list of things not to consume.

Just a quick reminder of the basic things that should be avoided if you have Meniere’s disease is caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and salt. If you take the first letter from each word then it spells CATS. (I didn’t make that up I read it somewhere but I can’t remember where).

Caffeine has always been a problem for me because of the soda and tea that I drink quite a bit of. Although in the past year I have cut back on both. And since the beginning of the year I have also cut back on candy especially the kind that has chocolate in them. Unfortunately I happened to eat a few pieces of candy this week and surprisingly it caused me to become light headed although I can’t really say whether it was the sugar or the caffeine in the chocolate that caused it. I did a little research and found out that there really isn’t much caffeine in chocolate not like coffee and tea so maybe it was the sugar I’m just not sure.

Has anyone else had a problem with chocolate regarding meniere’s?

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Visional focus and Meniere’s disease

You probably recall that I had some problems with Meniere’s attacks at the end of last year. They came out of nowhere and then ended quickly (thankfully). Well this past week I have had some similar problems without the severe attacks just light-headedness and a little dizziness. What brought it on? I’m not sure but I have to wonder if it isn’t due to my vision or maybe a combination of my vision and my balance.

If you have read any of the comments on the posts that deal with vision and Meniere’s then you would have to believe that vision plays a big part in this disorder, which makes sense because vision is an important factor in our balance. My vision problem occurring this past week seems to be a loss of focus where my sight seems to “bounce around” making me jerk my head straight in order to avoid an attack. Of course that action doesn’t always prevent my head spinning but it helps sometimes.

I haven’t had my eyes examined since I had my cataract surgery so it may be time for me to go back for a checkup. I’m not sure that will help, but you never know.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mysteries of Meniere’s disease

As you can imagine I have read a lot about Meniere’s disease over the years and the more I read makes this disorder even more of a mystery to me. Wide ranging symptoms that are hard to explain and treatments that seem to be hit or miss adds to the enigma of Meniere’s. Although there is research going on many questions are left unanswered, even the basic question such as why does it occur and what can possible cure this malady.

The comment that inspired me for this post came from Peggy …

My ear/nose/throat specialist has thrown up her hands after treating me for two years.

I called three days ago to say the prism lenses aren't really helping me, and I'm still dizzy on a daily basis, and I asked what she would suggest. Her only suggestion was that I consider going to see another doctor in Manhattan, who was one of her teachers/mentors in medical school.”

I can certainly understand the amount of frustration that Peggy has over this situation. You work with a doctor, follow their instructions and then when things don’t work out they send you on to someone else. Of course this doesn’t happen with every doctor but it does happen enough. Unfortunately with Meniere’s disease this probably occurs more often because this inner ear disorder is so baffling and it isn’t curable only treatable (at times).

We can only hope and pray that the near future brings a better understanding and more ways to control and even cure Meniere’s disease.

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